Peak Pilates Artistry® with Vegan Straps

Peak Pilates Artistry® with Vegan Straps

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This reformer comes equipped with vegan-friendly synthetic leather straps and handles, as well as our standard reformer five-spring kit (includes one heavy spring, two standard springs, two light springs) and a five-spring gear bar. This handcrafted frame comes in premium solid oak with black upholstery.


  • 16” H x 25” W x 97” L (41cm x 64cm x 246cm)
  • 110 lbs  


  • Removable 3-position headrest for easy cleaning and care
  • New sleek posts without metal brackets create a clear space, clean look and easy strap placement
  • New four-position contoured footbar with innovative locking mechanism that provides safety for the user without interrupting flow
  • Redesigned steel carriage equipped with flip mechanism to allow upgrades to tower or twin mat system
  • Proprietary spring bar support is rubber dipped and contoured for smooth spring changes and reduced noise
  • Interchangeable between four to five springs with simple change of gear bar
  • Comes in oak wood finish with black upholstery


    • Gear Block x2 and Gear Block Holder
    • Long spine extension straps (pair)
    • Vegan Strap Package (pair of adjustable synthetic straps, pair of synthetic swivel handles)
    • Standard Long/Short Box (9.5in H x 16in W x 27.5in L)
    • Foot strap with safety links
    • Fixed carriage stop
    • Five-Spring Kit (1 heavy, 2 standard, 2 light)


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