Peak Pilates Artistry® FWS with Rope

Peak Pilates Artistry® FWS with Rope

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This tower provides maximum versatility with expanded exercise options for a total integrated workout that incorporates much of the traditional Cadillac repertoire, as well as other functional training exercises. These options make the FWS ideal for the rehabilitation market. The new tower is made from a proprietary aluminum extrusion and soft contour frame to allow simultaneous use on both the front and back sides.


  • Four inside and four outside sliding adjustments with holes for quick and accurate spring adjustment for every user
  • Three pivot push-through bar allows for a custom fit
  • New four-position contoured footbar with innovative locking mechanism that provides safety for the user without interrupting flow
  • Wood inserts on tower are made to match reformer
  • Carriage equipped with flip mechanism to allow upgrades to tower or twin mat system
  • Proprietary spring bar support is rubber dipped and contoured for smooth spring changes and reduced noise
  • Fixed carriage stop
  • Comes in oak wood finish with black upholstery


  • Gear Block x2 and Gear Block Holder
  • Double Loops (pair)
  • Rope and Riser Package (pair of swivel ropes and adjustable risers, pair of Neoprene handles)
  • Standard Long/Short Box (9.5in H x 16in W x 27.5in L)
  • Foot strap with safety links
  • Fixed carriage stop
  • Five-Spring Kit (1 heavy, 2 standard, 2 light)


  • 6 spring system (2 push-through springs, 2 leg springs, 2 arm springs)
  • Artistry® Twin Mats
  • Roll down bar
  • Metal Push Through bar
  • Foot Loops (pair)
  • Safety Straps


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