Studio Flooring

Studio Flooring

There’s no denying a solid wood floor can look stunning in a studio. There are however many other equally beautiful products now available which are more cost-effective, and which better meet the needs of modern training in these spaces. Vinyl, synthetic, and rubber now offer a favorable alternative for a more modern contemporary look. Through our product layering system, we can install efficient gymnastic flooring that retains sufficient impact absorption and soundproofing for higher impact sessions, but also greater comfort for direct floor work with or without individual matting.

Studio Flooring For Gyms 

From circuit training to yoga classes, studio flooring needs to be able to handle a range of high and low impact movements as well as provide a stylish and comfortable space for gym or fitness club members.

It’s also important that the proper gym flooring is able to absorb sound throughout classes to not to disturb other activities through the facility.

At Gymkit Solutions, we offer a range of solutions that can not only suit the purpose of your studio perfectly but also the style. We have over 20 years of experience in creating beautiful studio flooring, perfectly fit for purpose.

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