Gymkit UK Flooring Solutions provide a complete flooring solution. Our specialist flooring division provides:

  • Site Survey
  • Design Consultation
  • Pre Installation Sub Floor preparation
  • Acoustic sound proofing
  • Product supply
  • Installation Service

    Our range of services and products cater for all areas within a health and fitness facility; entrance, reception, lounge, meeting room, changing room, walkways, gym, free weights, functional training, studio, spinning, and outdoor spaces.

    We supply and install most materials including vinyl, carpet, rubber, turf, safety flooring, timber and natural stone and ceramic tiles. We also offer a timber floor sand and seal, stain, wax and repair service.

    We provide a range of solutions for bespoke floor designs and branding and work with innovative companies such as Queenax to make a sports floor interactive with the equipment.

    In response to the increase in demand for artificial turf areas, we exclusively distribute high quality, custom design indoor sports turf for our clients which we seamlessly install alongside a range of other floor types to give a unique gym floor layout.

    With over 20 years of experience, we have the expertise and infrastructure to manage your flooring project from start to finish.

    If you want to develop a new functional training area, transform a squash court, update your gym or refurbish your whole facility!

  • Functional Flooring

    Bring your floor to life with our dynamic range of interactive functional flooring solutions. We will work with you to design an area that will add a new dimension to your members training options. Whether you want an interactive “Free Training” area where your floor is your training equipment, or a design that compliments your functional training rig, we can design install and even train your team to get the most out of your floor. We can add a full range of floor markings, in your club colours, for a stunning look. We can also add floor fixing points to really bring your floor in to play with the use of dynamic training products such as Stroops.

    Free Weight Flooring

    We supply both tile and layered rubber rolls to take the impact of even the most hardcore training facilities. We have worked with specialist acoustic engineers to develop a cost effective acoustic sound proofing solution for your free weight floor area. We can integrate Olympic lifting platforms seamlessly into your free weight area, create training zones with a range of factory direct products. Our 25mm-40mm rubber tiles have an acoustic base that will protect your subfloor for as long as it’s down!

    Sprint Tracks

    There are many turf options on the market. As with most flooring products the quality can vary considerably. With the constant use of weighted sleds, sprints and SAQ training drills we know that the tracks we supply must be manufactured to withstand the toughest environments and still perform. The markings on our sprint tracks are interwoven fibres – they won’t wear out, and you can choose from a wide range of colours. We can incorporate your logo thanks to our unique tufting technology. Unlike most sprint tracks, ours has a high quality foam backing. This maximises comfort and is perfect for sprints, walking or general training drills.

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    Floor Markings

    We have 2 methods for floor marking onto your rubber flooring. We offer a unique heat sealing vinyl product which is extremely cost effective and can be applied post install, or on existing flooring. This is extremely hard wearing and in most cases will last for several years before needing to be reapplied. We have found this to be more durable and attractive than line painting and can be supplied with your own specific design and colour. We also offer markings water-jet cut direct into the rubber. This is a permanent solution and again can be supplied to your specific design and colour. We can design your complete floor graphic layout for Functional Training, Small or large Group and Personal Training. Our Master Trainer can also attend site post install and deliver a full interactive training session for your team to ensure they make the most from your design.

    Studio Flooring

    There’s no denying a solid wood floor can look stunning in a studio. There are however many other equally beautiful products now available which are more cost effective, and which better meet the needs of modern training in these spaces. Vinyl, synthetic, and rubber now offer a favourable alternative for a more modern contemporary look. Through our product layering system we can ensure you still retain sufficient impact absorption and sound proofing for higher impact sessions, but also greater comfort for direct floor work with or without individual matting.

    General Flooring

    Our product range extends to all areas of your facility- general circulation, high traffic areas such as entrance/reception, hygiene areas, café/restaurant and changing rooms. We work direct with the manufacturers supplying quarry direct natural stone, high grade vinyl, laminate, carpet, rubber and artificial turf. If you do have a wooden floor we can renovate and reseal to leave it looking like the day it was installed!

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