Peak Pilates Artistry® Convertible with Vegan Straps

Peak Pilates Artistry® Convertible with Vegan Straps

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We merged the Cadillac and reformer to create a user-friendly system that offers incredible versatility and easily shifts to both modes.


  • Stainless steel pole system with galvanized canopy
  • Full trapeze system: padded, upholstered trapeze and precision slider
  • Large wood push-through bar
  • Quick conversion, ultraglide flip carriage
  • New four-position contoured footbar with innovative locking mechanism that provides safety for the user without interrupting flow
  • Proprietary spring bar support is rubber dipped and contoured for smooth spring changes and reduced noise


  • Artistry® Twin Mats
  • Vegan Strap Package
  • Standard Long/Short box
  • Gear Block & Carriage Stop
  • Roll down bar
  • Five-Spring Kit (1 heavy, 2 standard, 2 light)
  • Complete strap system (foot/hand loops pair, Sheepskin hanging straps pair, adjustable wraparound strap, foot strap on the frame, trapeze strap, push-through storage strap)
  • Complete 8-piece spring set (2 arm springs, 2 leg springs, 2 push-through springs, 2 trapeze springs, 2 safety chains, 2 spring sleeves, 2 safety chains, 3 spring sleeves)


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